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Mariya Mova on Stage

Competition achievements : Figure/ Fitness Bikini
Europe, Australia and USA since 1992-2009 :

Figure/Bikini/Sports model Competitor:
USA Olympia-Flex bikini model search September 2009
Australia INBA All female classic Figure-3d place 2008
USA Musclemania Universe  Bikini category 2008
Australia WFF Sports Model- Winner  2008
Australia ANB  Figure-Runner up 2007
Australia INBA Bodybuilding-3d place   2004
Bulgaria IFBB Bodybuilding- Runner up 1992-1999

Mariya Mova in Magazines


Magazine Magazines Showcase: 
Ironman magazine 2013-2015

Olymp Bulgarian issue 2012 September/ October
Ironman magazine-2008 
Sport&Spa magazine,2008 
Olimp magazine BG,2008 
Muscle and Fitness BG,2008 
Sport&Life issue1 and 2,2008 
OZ HardCore Muscle magazine-issue 1,2007 
Interview for Women's Newspaper (BG) 1992,1994
Iron Man Magazine 2013, 2015
Oxygen issue 45 February 2011 
Sport&Life cover page issue N4 2008-20210
Fytness Fanatik magazine- Canadian issues- 2008-2010
NaturalBodz-issue 1-2008 
MUSCLEMAG ,issue 62,2007 
Interview for Women's Magazine (BG) 1999

Feature in BORO Magazine January 2019 issue

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