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This is the official site of Mariya Mova and it is run and operated by Mariya Mova. All content and photos are copyrighted and are not to be reproduced or distributed!

Mariya Mova Fitness Photo Reporter- current Photographer-Fitness/ Bodybuilding/ Fashion Photographer 2009-current Exercise and Sports Scientist: Personal Trainer 1990-current Weight, Strength & Conditioning Coach 1999- current Sports Nutritionist and Weight Control specialist 1999-current Fitness Figure/ Bodybuilding Trainer for competitors 2007-current Fitness Model Consultant and Coach 2007- current Fitness Model since 1992 (currently with Epic management agency) Fitness/ Bodybuilding/ Figure competitor since 1992 Fitness Author and Writer Magazine Editor and Publisher 2012-MOVA Fitness magazine online publication

Mariya Mova has started her Fitness/ Sports career in 1987-1990 as a competitor at first and in 1994 she has enrolled to study Bachelor in Sports Science and Human movement degree along with some fitness and personal training Certificates as well as degree in Sports Medicine/ Nutrition specialization. She has been travelling the world working in the Fitness industry as Fitness Expert and Gym Manager since 1999. Mariya has worked on 4 continents including Europe, Middle East, USA and Australia. Her lients include athletes, bodybuilders and figure competitors, bikini and fitness models, as well as general population people.

Personal Trainer and Coach with over 20 years of experience in Fitness and Bodybuilding (1987-current) Mariya Mova is also International Fitness Model and Figure Competitor. Mariya has appeared in few fitness magazines like Oxygen, Muslce&Fitnees, Iron Man, Muslemag, Hard Bodz, Olymp, Fytness Fanatik. Mariya has competed as Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini category in Europe, Australia and USA .

Photo by Tony Anastasi

Featured in over 20 magazines including Oxygen, Iron Man, Musclemag, etc

Currently residing in New York.


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