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Get trained by the Fitness Celebrity Mariya Mova

I Change People’s life!! My Success is People's Success. People's Success is my Success! 

Mariya has helped me to lose 21 kgs in 6 months. Before i was shy, now i am happy and confident. Kelly Harrison-model/actress

When i first met Mariya my body fat was 11%. I took Mariya's advise on diet and training and now my body fat is 9% and lean body mass has increased. John Dimitriadis-bodybuilder

I weighed 60 kgs when i was 28 years of age. Mariya has designed training program and diet for me.
As a result i gained 17 kgs lean body mass and my life style changed for good. Lyndon Desa-bank manager

Mariya regularly monitors gym participants routines and tailors programs to meet her clients requirements.
I can see the results for myself in the mirror, I’ve gained more muscle mass without the fat, when compared to my do it yourself routine.
I enjoy her holistic approach to training:Diet, exercise and her stand on non drug performance substances.
She has wealth of knowledge and experience, which she freely gives out to those who are interested.
Motivation to train can be difficult, but with her personality and enthusiasm makes going to the gym an enjoyable experience.
Gold Medal to Mariya, Lewis Spiteri

Mariya has been a very consistently helpful and encouraging trainer She has paid attention to my progress and set new and interesting challenges to assist my progress. As a result I am stronger, fitter and more flexible. Phillip Gilmore

Mariya’s exercise program and diet plan helped me achieve a great definition in my body, apart from the weight loss of 18kgs over the period of time she trained me. She listened to what I wanted, what exercise I enjoyed, and she designed a program for me which worked like a charmI am so happy now and not to mention the self-confidence I have now I can wear those tight clothes Thanks Mariya you are a great trainer. Atul Chanana

I would personally recommend Mariya as an outstanding personal trainer. She is highly motivated, knowledgeable and determined to help anyone achieve their results In my case, I was coming back from major knee surgery and was very restricted in my knee movements. Mariya tailored a program which has helped me shed 20kgs, strengthen my knee and tone up my upper bodyI am extremely happy with these results and thanks Mariya for your help. Joe Elcheikh

I am 6’’ tall but I was very slim when I started training with Mariya. My goal was to gain weight and she guided me with exercise program and diet plan.I gained more the 7kgs muscle mass Thanks a lot Mariya. Nioaw Mistmy

I was exercising under the supervision of Mariya since January 2007 and until now June 2007 I dropped 7% body fat and gained muscle mass during these 6 months. Muzammel Haque

When I entered the gym I was very unsure of the potential rewards of starting exercise program As a beginner I consulted Mariya on my training methods and she was found exceedingly helpful to me advised on my diet exercise program and in doing so she changed my lifestyle greatly. Amazingly, I didn’t just feel younger, I even looked younger. Training with Mariya is honestly one of the best decisions I made and I continued to be member of the gym because of her professional knowledge and helping attitude. I would whole-heartedly recommend her as a fitness trainer of merit. Usman Khadmi

I am a middle aged man. I work at a desk job in an office in inner city Melbourne . 
As a teenager and into my 20s I was very fit and active but, like everyone else, I found that over time the active things I used to do gradually gave way to more sedentary activities. Like studying, work, children - nothing all that out of the usual. 
Almost imperceptibly I was getting less fit and gaining weight. Not disastrously but enough to notice. 
Eighteen months ago I decided to do something about it. Now I’m as fit and as strong as I’ve ever been and my weight, and waistline, are exactly where I want them.  Mariya has been essential to my success. She initially designed an exercise program for me that was challenging but still fun and most importantly achievable. As each program became easier Mariya worked with me and really encouraged me to try a little harder. When I eventually asked Mariya for some dietary advice, to help me loose some weight a bit quicker, she was able to give me advice that worked and that didn’t require any massive lifestyle changes.  When Mariya asked me to write this I was delighted. I can categorically state to anyone that Mariya does a great job. Mariya helped me to get fitter, she helped me to get stronger and she helped me to loose weight. Through the time that I’ve known Mariya she has always been encouraging, she has always been charming and she has always been ready to share her very considerable knowledge and skills. 
I highly recommend that you use Mariya if you want these same benefits. If you have any questions about what she did for me, email me at 
Hanut Dodd-Start weight 80.1 kgs-Current weight 72.9 kgs. Start body Fat 23.7%-Current Body Fat 15.9%. start Muclsemass 57.9kgs-Current musclemass 58.2kgs.

l would like take this time to say THANK YOU Mariya for all your time and guidance.l never really thought l could actually achieve any results in such a small gym with limited equipment. Been used to large gyms with unlimited equipment l had my doubts when l first walked in. But Mariya assured me that l would get results and she could create challenging workouts for me and she was true to her word. This gym would challenge many gym instructors, you need to be very creative with your fitness programs.We at DSE are very fortunate to have someone with Mariya's knowledge and experience in the fitness industry.l am extremely impressed with your professionalism and your courteous friendly nature. Always smiling and helpful.Thanks again. Fabio Santavenere

Dear Mariya,It's been great to have worked with you at the DSE gym.  You're always warm and encouraging, and your classes and programs are both challenging and enjoyable.You also set a great example in the way you pursue your wider goals in life - modelling, competing in body sculpting, singing, acting/TV(?) and all your other interests.I'm privileged to count you as a friend. With Kind Regards, Ivor (Burt)

G'day Mariya, Just a short note to let you know that I am very pleased with the programs you have developed for me through the DSE Gym. I joined the gym specifically to improve my swimming and under you supervision my swimming has dramatically improved. I have been swimming for over 25 years and I am now swimming better than ever before. Continuous improvement is a great motivator for me and I feel I'm rediscovering my swimming all over again - very exciting. Many thanks for guidance and support. Regards, Brett Miller,DSE Gym

I have known Mariya since she became the supervisor of our workplace gym approximately two years ago.
Mariya is a committed and extremely knowledgeable instructor who is always ready and willing to help achieve one’s goals in a supportive and friendly manner, to answer questions, provide helpful advice and tailor a program to individual needs.  It is a pleasure to go to the gym as Mariya always has a smile on her face and is always encouraging.  It is very evident that Mariya takes her own health and fitness seriously and she has the ability to pass on this enthusiasm and motivate one – particularly noticeable in tough group classes, like abs, where Mariya encourages one to achieve greater results.  
Alex Shilton, DSE Gym

I have stop-started at gyms through loss of motivation. With Mariya running this gym I have been coming continuously for nearly two years. She is unfailingly friendly, encouraging and interested in each individual’s progress. Anne Sedgley Manager, Information Services, Heritage Victoria, DSE.

Mariya is an excellent fitness teacher. She is always improving and changing her circuit class to keep the participants interested and motivated. She is extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of fitness including diet. Her cheerful personality and eagerness to see you succeed make getting in to shape so much easier. Well done on the web site Mariya, it's great, you're an entrepreneur! Claire Kidley-Potter Business Support Officer

As you know, I was a pioneer member of the DSE gym when it first started in Victoria Parade and then moved into Nicholson StreetI was a member for more than 5 years and stopped about two years ago because I was getting bored with gym workouts and needed a change with outdoor activities.
I rejoined the gym in the middle of June this year after some procrastination.  You have been very encouraging and of great help.  To-date you have designed two programs to assist me with my sport which is badminton.   I found your programs to be interesting, challenging, sufficient variety of exercises and delivers good results.  The programs have helped with my fitness and overall body toning.  When I first started, my fat measurement was 20.5%.  Within 8 weeks, I was down to 17.3%.  I am very pleased!!!  I am beginning to enjoy my gym workouts and also partake in your abs classes. Thanks to Mariya.  Jenny Lee

Hi Mariya Thank you for your programs you have created for me this year.  I have enjoyed the challenge of increasing complexity of each program. I'm definitely benefiting from weight control, increased fitness and the associated feelings of enhanced energy levels. Regards. Anthony Griffiths

Dear Maria, Thank-you for the terrific program offered at the Gym. Regards, Patricia

I have found Mariya to be very professional in all aspects of the management of the gym she works at. She is friendly, knowledgeable and motivating. Mariya always goes out of her way to make sure my program is well designed and updated to ensure I maximise the benefits of my training.  This also helps to keep me motivated. She has a very solid understanding of the subject matter and can clearly explain the technical aspects of health and fitness. I am very happy with the service that Mariya provides and her commitment to the gym and all of its members has played a very big part in the success of this program. Regards,


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