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About Mariya Mova the Trainer

Mariya Mova is
Fitness and Sports Specialist: Gym, Fitness Clubs manager since 1995.

Personal Trainer/ Weight and Strength and Conditioning Coach/ Sports Nutritionist and Weight Control specialist/ Fitness Figure/ Bodybuilding Trainer for competitors/ Older Population Coach/ Indoor Cycling Instructor/ Kettle Bell Coach/ TRX since 1990- current.

Fitness/ Bodybuilding/ Figure competitor 1992-2010

She brings over 20 (since 1990) years of international experience in the Fitness industry. Mariya has worked with clients from variety of sports backgrounds like: Bodybuilding, Fitness, Weightlifting, Track and Field, Swimming, Martial Arts, A F L, Gymnastics, Wrestling as well as General Population. Her experience includes countries like USA, Australia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Dubai, United Kingdom and all over the world.


1.Batchelor of Arts in Sports Science (Human movement) and Physical Education
2. Sports Medicine specialization in Sports Nutrition
3.Post Graduate Diploma in Sports and Recreation Management and Marketing


Certified Bulgarian Bag Trainer and representative in Australia and overseas

Certified as a Physique Personal Coach and Trainer, completed the International Academy of Physique Conditioning (IAPC) course in Bodybuilding and Contest Preparation Coach

VICFIT Certified licensed in Fitness instructor, Personal training and Olderly group population Trainer (Level 3 and 4)

ISSA Fitness Trainer, USA

Strength and Conditioning Coach (Level 2) ASCA

SHWINN Spinning Instructor and Swiss Ball Fitness Instructor

Fitness trainer and nutrition for older adults

Thump boxing inistructor 

Kettlebell Level 1 Coach

Older population Trainer

Personal Image consultant

Plyometrics coach


Certified CPO- (Pool management operator)​​


Published an article 'Anecdotal experience of a female strength athlete' in a magazine A.S.C.A. (An official Magazine of Strength and Conditioning Association-Australia)

Research projects: 
The physiological difference in men and women and the impact of the resistance exercises on both genders

Current Work Experience USA, New York:
General Health Club Manager Iowa Health Club, USA
Personal Trainer and Model Coach/ Consultant USA, NY based/ Online

Previous work experience Australia:
2007-2015 - Gym Manager Peak/BUPA management DSE Health Club, Australia
2003-2008-Fitness Trainer, Indoor cycling instructor, Personal Trainer Victoria University
2003-2005-Fitness Trainer, Indoor cycling instructor, Personal Trainer Corfpit company

Previous work experience Middle East-Dubai:
2002-2003 Gym Supervisor Platinum Health Club
2000-2002 Gym Supervisor Athena Health Club-Sheraton hotel

Previous work experience Bulgaria-Europe:
2003-2005 Gym Manager and Owner, of fitness Gym Lucky, National Stadium, Sofia
1993-1999 Gym Manager and Owner, Personal Trainer of fitness Gym, National Stadium, Sofia
1990-1993- Worked as fitness instructor various gyms in Sofia, Bulgaria



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Currently based in New York City.

Travelling on request and on projects.


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